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Giardino Barocco

The group creates a tableau, be it itinerant or  situated 'in one place'.  In addition to this, according to the event and setting, they sometimes perform short danced scenes or interactive interludes with the audience of guests.


Based on the iconography of classical figures in fine art, in both 2 and 3 dimensions, this representation goes beyond  stillness, and is the fruit of research into "silence"… which is surprisingly interactive.

The stylisation  of the characters and their relative historic periods  radiate light to all environments:  villa, courtyard, garden  or ballroom.  An evocative performance,  theatrically breathtaking in its understated charm.

Overall Project Director: Daniela De Luchi

Artistic Director - Chris Channing
Based on a concept by
 Enrico Vaglieri and Chris Channing

- Enrico Vaglieri is a teacher and psychotherapist. He has degrees in philosophy, religious science and psychology. He has a passion for military history.

- Chris Channing is a designer and physical theatre specialist. He translates contemporary poetry and has made theatre adaptations of 19th century literature.

- Between them they have accumulated many years of active study into concentration of mind and body. Combining a passion for writing and film, the history of fashion and the epic baroque, and following a systematic research of materials, make-up, fabric and characters they have developed a theatrical presentation inspired by the rich heritage of Italian statuary and trompe l’oeil painting.

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